Methadone clinic Indiana

Our Medical Director provides hands-on treatment in our methadone and suboxone clinic in the South Suburban area to all our patients from admission to discharge. Some of the services we provide are:
  • Admission medical, psychiatric and drug abuse assessment
  • Methadone or Suboxone induction, dose titration and stabilization
  • Evaluation and prescription of ancillary medications when indicated
  • Input in-patient treatment planning
  • Coordination of medical treatment with outside treatment providers
  • Monitoring of patients' progress throughout their treatment
  • Annual assessment and medical screening
  • Discharge planning

Counseling Staff: Our counselors are certified by IAODAPCA as Alcohol and Drug Counselors and possess years of experience in successfully treating substance abuse population.

Nursing Staff: Our nurses are licensed professionals with years of experience in dispensing methadone in the South Suburban area.

Support Staff: Our staff welcomes the patient at intake and assists them throughout their treatment.

Each of our professional staff is an integral part of our mission. Recovery Concepts is designed to enhance and build lives, to restore the chemically dependent and their families to the balanced life to which they seek to return. Our counselors, nurses, and support staff work together to assist each person we serve through drug rehabilitation in Illinois to live a drug-free, fulfilling life and to contribute to society.

Staff at Our Methadone an Suboxone Clinic in ILLinois

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